EMF Camp

Since EMF Camp is a festival for geeks and is only 12 miles from my home, I really have no excuse for not going. So I’m going!

I’ll set up my tent in the Amsat Village, where there will be several other High Altitude Balloonists too.

I’ll bring along several HAB trackers and receivers so you can see some of my daft projects in the flesh.

Finally, I’ve got an application in with the CAA for permission to launch a balloon on Sunday morning. The plan is to photograph the camp from the air, using a downward-facing camera. Images will be sent down to the ground where we will display them on a screen in the Amsat area. Or you can view them online on your own device.

Follow me on Twitter @daveake for more information including links to the image and tracking pages as I have them.

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  1. Paul Nickalls G8AQA says:

    Hi Dave,
    When clearing up afterwards I was given a sleeping bag that I believe belongs to you. Please get in touch.
    Paul G8AQA
    01694 771 441

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