Best HAB Photo Ever?

Someone (apart from me!) thinks so, according to a comment on my flickr account! Also the same photo (see below) is now on Steve Randall’s Random Engineering site. So to return the favour, if you’re planning your own weather balloon flight, the best place for balloons, parachutes and other bits and pieces is:

Random Engineering

and not forgetting Anthony Stirk’s HAB Supplies for GPS receiver modules, radio transmitters etc.:

HAB Supplies

Here’s the photo. Taken at 34.8km, it shows the blackness of space, the thin blue line of our atmosphere, the North Sea, the north Norfolk coast, some wispy clouds, and last but not least another weather balloon at the bottom, little more than 1km away and expanded to a diameter of around 10 metres. This I believe is by far the highest altitude that one weather balloon has been photographed by another.

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4 Responses to Best HAB Photo Ever?

  1. Geoff Mather says:

    Dave, You might like these images recently put up by Airpano
    Have you ever thought of doing 360 spherical pictures from your flights ?

    Geoff G8DHE gmather on CIX

  2. girmay says:

    that is good what am expected i want to build like that in ethiopia

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