“Pi In The Sky” Presentation at Egham Raspberry Jam

On Sunday I presented my project at the “Raspberry Jam” in Egham, Surrey. Over 30 Pi fans braved the snow and ice to attend. I managed to stretch my 15-minute slot to over an hour, but even so I didn’t notice anyone falling asleep! For anyone interested, I’ve uploaded my presentation as a PDF – get it here:

Raspberry Jam – Pi In The Sky

Many thanks to Albert Hickey for organising the Jam, allowing me to drone on, and for not panicking at all when I nearly destroyed his Pi-base R/C car controller!

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    • dave says:

      Yes, PWM should work and I’ll give that a go sometime. The Arduino route was less work and the extra weight isn’t high, nor the extra power consumption. Bit-banging won’t work if the OS has anything else to do, such as take a photo.

      I believe that underclocking saves very little power, but I’ve not tried yet.

      And yes that SD holder is probably going to go soon!

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