Commercial Flights

Aardman’s Morph Brian The Robot

BBC Stargazing

Heston, We Have A Potato


Wreck My Dress


2 Responses to Commercial Flights

  1. Edith Hofer says:

    Dear Mr. Akerman,
    I am an artist from Austria and I was really impressed with your teddybear-flight, the Ted Bull Stratos. In my art I work with a white plush rabbit, reminding me of the little plush pet I had when I was a child.
    I wonder if we could book a flight for the rabbit with you, it would be great to include it in my art show which will be in April 2015 in Bregenz (small town at the Lake of Constance in Austria).
    Looking foreward to your answer and warm regards
    Edith Hofer + Rabbit

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