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  1. Richard Alvarenga says:

    Hi Dave, I was watching your work with the HAB, and remain but fascinated me, I’m from Paraguay, and I would like to do a project similar to yours, last week I found out about the raspberry pi, and what people are making do with her, and I just want to innovate here in my country, if you please help me to do a project like yours and that in itself I love, and also academic purposes., appreciate you! Cheers ..

  2. Allan Okoth says:

    Hi Dave,

    On 12th December 2013 my country ,Kenya, will commemorate 50 years of independence without space presence. I wish to address that gap by launching a HAB with the message ‘Kenya @ 50’ on that morning. The fact that the slogan can be broadcast to viewers using the Raspberry Pi setup has just added a new element i’d wish to incorporate. Though I am not a technician I have people who would understand the details. If you’d be kind enough to provide a communication link we’d gladly retain you as a consultant to our HAB venture.

  3. First, congratulations on some intriguing projects – great fun to watch from the sidelines (sadly I don’t have free time to do much experimenting at present)

    In the start of the piece referenced above, you refer to difficulties with actual weather – a front coming over faster than forecast.

    Don’t know whether I am stating the obvious, but I find that looking at the met office website, and for my chosen location, choosing observations, map and rainfall, gives me access to recent weather radar informaton for the last few hours at 15 min intervals, and it can be very useful to track the rainfall usually associated with fronts – I have used this on several occasions to check whether a front seems to have passed over. Ok, it is an imperfect association of the rain with the front, but it is quite useful.

    Keep up the good work, and best wishes
    Chris Bradfield

  4. Craig Ellis says:

    Hi Dave, I have been following your work for a few months and would really like to exchange information with you in regards to your work and using data captured for investigations in high school. If you would be interested in sharing your information in a school environment then i would love to hear from you. otherwise, keep up the great work that you are doing as i am very keen on your work.

  5. Ann says:

    My teddy Mika asked if the teddy landed softly on earth again?
    I hope it!

  6. Manuel says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’m pretty new into HAB. I was wondering, do you use Rasps only for HAB or do you still use Arduinos?
    Oh and do you have some kind of list of tested sensors or mods you allways use on your projects? (like gps, altitude, etc. …)

    Sincerely yours.


  7. Tom says:


    I can’t seem to find the PITS installation instructions. The link from the Pi site takes you to a not known address.

    Help please!


  8. My design for a 434 MHz for use with the FunDongle is 4 – 12 gauge copper wires 45 degrees from the 5th lead copper wire. I originally used 17.3 cm lengths for each wire and simply quadrupled size of the 5 wires and attached to a FunDongle. I also use the HAB 434 MHz preamp in line with the FunDongle. Have you tried this and does this seem an effective way to increase sensitivity of the antenna?

    • dave says:

      17.3cm is wrong it should be 16.4cm.

      Yes the HABAmp is useful even with a good receiver like that one. I’ve used the combination a lot.

  9. Federico A. Heredia says:

    Hi, Dave

    I would like to receive technical information or advice to do an Educational Ballon Project. For example; I want to use the Raspberry Pi 3 computer. What steps I must to follow?

    I hope any comments y suggestion.

    Regards from México

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