Flight History

I have 3 separate HAB projects named BUZZ, CLOUD and PIE. BUZZ is for lightweight payloads to achieve maximum altitude or (later) long duration flights. CLOUD is for more normal-sized photographic payloads. PIE is for flights with the Raspberry Pi as a tracker, and include SSDV (live images).

BUZZ is of course named after Buzz Lightyear who in turn was named after the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the first man to have a pee (inside his spacesuit) on the moon.

CLOUD is named after my father-in-law Bryan Cloud who sadly is no longer with us, but was keen on both photography and space and would have absolutely loved to get involved in a project like this. Many CLOUD payloads carry a photograph of Bryan.

#DateFlightBalloonAltitudeSiteLanding PositionNotes
2426/05/13PIE6Hwoyee 1600SwindonSSDV 2-channel
2313/04/13PIE5Hwoyee 1600ElsworthUnknownFloater, SSDV 2-channel
2206/04/13PAVA CO2
2010/02/13DRESSAlstonSSDV. batc. Pi. TARDIS
191/12/12SPEARSBrightwaltonChannelIridium, Arduino Mega
189/11/12PIE3 / BUZZ11 / SAVAHowyee 1200gBrightwaltonSSDV. Pi.
1704/11/12PIE2 (MrsTED) / BUZZ10Hwoyee 800g29527mBrightwaltonnear BraintreeH2. SSDV. Pi
1508/09/12CLOUD7Hwoyee 1600g40570mElsworthLightweight photographic mission
1402/09/12CLOUD6 / BEAR1Hwoyee 1200g38549mBrightwaltonElsteadH2
1329/07/125thSCOUT / BUZZ9Hwoyee 800g35504mHucknallnear Gainsborough
1214/07/12PIE1 / BUZZ8 / AVAHwoyee 1200g39994mBrightwaltonMilton HeightsH2. SSDV
1110/06/12BUZZ7Hwoyee 1600g29391mBrightwaltonOxfordH2. Stuck at top of tall tree
1020/05/12BUZZ6Hwoyee 1600g43639mElsworthNottinghamH2. #2 World Record
906/05/12CLOUD5Hwoyee 1600g34536mElsworthNorfolkBackup to ANU 1
806/05/12BUZZ5Hwoyee 1600g41882mElsworthNorth Sea near CromerNot recovered. #5 world and #1 Helium records.
731/03/12CLOUD4Hwoyee 1600g38278mBrightwaltonSouth of DorkingH2. Dual flight with AVA
731/03/12BUZZ4Hwoyee 1600gBrightwaltonLost during descentH2
504/02/12CLOUD3Hwoyee 1000g28092mBrightwaltonEnglish Channel near Shoreham By SeaFloated to shore
403/12/11BUZZ2Hwoyee 1600g40986mBrightwaltonNear Bruges, BelgiumWas UK #1 altitude
316/10/11BUZZ1Hwoyee 1600g34695mBrightwaltonCambs
217/09/11CLOUD236250mBrightwaltonNorth SeaNot recovered
110/07/11CLOUD1Totex 1000g30114mBrightwaltonHowe Hill, Watlington

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  1. AndrewS says:

    Seems to be missing the last few PIE flights?

  2. dave says:

    Yeah, I’ll get it updated this weekend 🙂

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