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  1. Ungi says:

    & congrats. Great stuff.
    Some questions:
    You wrote you are using a C270.
    The quality of your pics is fantastic. I couldn’t get over 352×288, otherwise the cam stopes randomly.

    So what distro/ software are you using?
    Thanks, Ungi

    • dave says:

      Larger photos cause the camera to take more current for longer from the USB 5V line. So I think you’re using an older board with the thermal fuses. Short them out. See on the web (e.g. my first Pi flight) for details.

      I use the latest Raspbian. I used Debian before and that had a USB lockup that would happen randomly, often after a few hours.


  2. Ungi says:

    Thanks for your quick response.
    I have a newer Raspi with 512MB Ram, working as a home server,
    so I’ll try this thingi as the webcamserver. Thanks again, also for the fuse tip.
    But I must say, (without trying yet) that I had the same habbit (dieing randomly) when using an USB-Hub. Used always the uptodate Raspbian and the newest Hexxeh-kernels.


  3. Ungi says:

    Hi Dave
    thanks for your advice. My tests had no success with a uptodate 512Mb Pi without the USB fuses. What I then recognized, I tried without Wlan, was it was working some minutes longer. I also tried an USB-hub, also faulty.

    So; I’ve given up. Thanks again.

  4. Andreas Ungerer says:

    Hi Dave
    after an update of motion everything turned out for the best.
    Most resolutions are working now.

    Greetings Ungi

  5. Furkan says:

    Hi Dave;
    I’m from Turkey (Turkei)…
    We have a project like this.But we have a problem about pc codes.
    Can you help us ?

  6. Hi Dave,

    I run a science and technology club at my school. I was wondering what if you believe this is feasible to achieve with my club at my school. Any advice you have with regards to funding and expertise would be greatly appreciated.



  7. sagar pawar says:

    How much it will cost to built whole project???

  8. Ciaran says:


    I see that you can buy the board with everything that you need on it but i’d really like to do it from scratch. is there a parts list published anywhere?

    thanks in advance

  9. ciaran norrby says:

    hi dave

    i was wondering is the RPi camera module suitable and should you use the NoIR version?


  10. Dave Akerman says:

    Use the standard camera.

  11. LEONARDO says:

    First congratulations on your work is great. We are projecting at my university related activities using balloons and I wonder if somewhere Might recommend me where to get them, we are actually starting on this and hope that our project matures and do interesting things related to the development of CubeSat
    thanks in advance

  12. Ian Robinson says:

    super little board. I have a question. Is there a way to check the transmit status from the PI. I have a PI in the Sky board on a PI being used as a HAB project by two A-Level Physics students. We are still at the testing phase. Using a fully updated raspbian image and GIT software the camera is clearly working. However a NooElec SDR in the same room does not seem to be picking up any indication of a transmission at ~450MHz (I checked this on the pisky.txt file) Any thoughts on how to proceed gratefully received.

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