Flight Schedule

11/08/2013: Pi In The Sky flight (Babbage goes for Felix Baumgartner’s record)

Babbage and his capsule each have a Pi tracker with live images.

18/08/2013: Commercial Flight


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  1. frederic barrat says:

    Today by 10:30 11:00 cet we’ve seen a kind of balloon you’re using falling down near French coasts called Brehec.
    Is it one of your tests ?

  2. Dave Akerman says:

    No, and I don’t know of any others in that area today. Most likely it was a flight used for weather prediction rather than an amateur flight.

  3. Matthew Garvey says:

    Hi Dave,

    My friend and I studying engineering, and are recreating your Raspberry Pi flight project. Your site has been a great help. We do have questions regarding the radio transmission of the pictures. We recently purchased a 25 kHz receiver and transmitter. We have sautered the transmitter to the Pi. We suspect we will need to write a program to have the Pi transmit pictures over a short band width, and have the transmission read into an Arduino. We both have intermediate knowledge in JavaScript. What did you do at this stage with the transmitter and reciever?

    Thanks again,


  4. Edith Hofer says:

    Hi Dave Akerman, here I´m again, the artist from Austria who would love to get a flight for her little plushrabbit! Please, contact me!
    Thanks !!!

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