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EMF Camp

Since EMF Camp is a festival for geeks and is only 12 miles from my home, I really have no excuse for not going. So I’m going! I’ll set up my tent in the Amsat Village, where there will be several other High Altitude Balloonists too. I’ll bring along several HAB trackers and receivers so […]

Raspad 3 HAB Receiver

As you may know, several years ago I built a portable HAB receiver based on the Raspberry Pi, with a Star Trek LCARS user interface written in Python. It works well enough and I’ve not revisited the project since then. Instead I developed mobile apps for Android and iOS, to run on phones and tablets, […]

4G (LTE) and Rural Broadband

This isn’t my usual type of blog post, but if you’re frustrated with slow and/or unreliable broadband, you might find my experience interesting and useful. With a lot of research, learning and testing, we’ve gone from a feeble 12Mbps down / 1Mbps up broadband to around 200Mbps down 70Mbps. How? Read on …. A Bit […]

Mini GPS Clock

Something I use more often in my HAB trackers these days is TDM – Time Division Multiplexing – where instead of transmitting continuously, each tracker transmits only during particular time slots. Since trackers always have a GPS receiver, this just requires software to sync the transmissions with GPS time. The advantage vs continuous transmission is […]

HAB Base Update V1.4.0

I’ve released a new version of HAB Basem which is intended for easy management of one or more receivers from a Windows PC. The changes are: Support for Sondehub import via UDP Support for local Sonde data from a rdzTTGOSonde receiver via UDP Map shows the predicted path and landing point of the balloon Balloon […]

UCS Flight – Video Streaming

This was a school flight, where they built the payload and did the launch, I supplied a self-contained radio tracker, and a 3rd party supplied 2 rugged mobile phones to take video during the flight. It gave me a chance to test a live streaming setup that I intend to use on all of my […]

Receiving From LoRa High Altitude Balloons

Many high altitude balloons these days use LoRa, because it’s simple and inexpensive to use in the balloon and in the receiver, and because it offers extra features such as uplinks that are difficult to do otherwise. For other systems such as RTTY and APRS, the receiver can be a software defined radio (SDR) or […]


Whilst most high altitude balloons only transmit data (telemetry and sometimes images) down to the ground, there are several applications for sending data to a balloon, for example: Requesting re-send of missing image packets Balloon repeating of other balloon telemetry Commanded cutdowns etc. My PITS software and LoRa gateway already provide the first option, and […]

HAB Explora Update

Explora is an app for Android phones to aid with chasing balloons. It shares a HAB library with my HAB PADD app and HAB Base Windows program. You can read more about the app here. I’m about to release an updated version with several changes: AFC on LoRa gateway, USB, Bluetooth sources Frequency search function […]


PADD (named after the Star Trek tablets) is an app for Android tablets to aid with chasing balloons. It has a few more functions than my phone app (Explora), and both apps share the same common HAB library with my HAB Base program. You can read more about the app here. I’m about to release […]

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