All in a good cause

This Saturday afternoon (4pm planned), assuming good wind predictions, I’m doing a launch for Purley Infants School. It’s to raise funds for the school for educational equipment etc., and should you wish to donate you can do so by clicking here.

The project has been covered this week by The Reading Post.

The plan is to release Kingsley (the Reading FC lion mascot) at an altitude of exactly 18.71 miles (Kingsley carries the number 1871 which is the year that the club was formed). In modern money that’s 30,110 metres, and when the on-board computer detects that altitude it will melt through the nylon cord holding Kingsley. At that point gravity will take over and Kingsley will quickly fall, reaching over 200mph within a few seconds. As the atmosphere thickens the parachute will take over and he will gently glide to Earth.

Meanwhile the balloon and main payload will continue to rise till the balloon bursts at an altitude of around 36km. Both that payload and Kingsley are expected to land in West Sussex and hopefully both will be recovered soon after they land.

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