What you see below is a simple and reliable GPS radio tracker board for the Pi. Together with the supplied, open-source software it embodies the experience of about 40 successful flights, nearly half of which have used the Raspberry Pi.


It features:

  • Efficient built-in power regulator providing run time of over 20 hours from 4 AA cells
  • Highly sensitive UBlox GPS receiver approved for altitudes up to 50km
  • Temperature compensated, frequency agile, 434MHz radio transmitter
  • Temperature sensor
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Sockets for external i2c devices, analog input, external temperature sensor
  • Allows use of Raspbery Pi camera
  • Mounting holes and spacers for a solid connection to the Pi

The open-source software provides these features:

  • Radio telemetry with GPS and sensor data using UKHAS standard
  • Radio image download using SSDV standard
  • Multi-threaded to maximize use of the radio bandwidth
  • Variable image size according to altitude
  • Stores full-definition images as well as smaller transmitted images
  • Automatically chooses better images for download
  • Configurable via text file in the Windows-visible partition of the SD card
  • Supplied as github repository with instructions, or SD card image

For more information click this link.


12 Replies to “Pi In The Sky Add-On Board”

  1. Possibly a typo: the “Building SD Card From Scratch” link goes to the same page as “Prebuilt SD Card Image”

  2. I’d like to buy the pits kit. What are other necessary components should I buy if I were to start from scratch.

      1. Can I control two servo motors using the same pi? I’m planning for on-board electronics.

  3. Will the ‘pi in the sky kit’ work with the new raspberry pi 2 model B? if not will you be releasing a pi in the sky kit for the new model???
    thanks greg

    1. Yes it works with the A+, B+ and V2 B.

      We very strongly recommend use of the A+ for flight.

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