If you …

  1. Are a teacher or youth leader (e.g. scout group)
  2. Are interested in applications for the Raspberry Pi
  3. Would love to help your class or group send a weather balloon into the stratosphere and take live images throughout

… then read on.


In August, the Raspberry Pi Foundation are running a “Skycademy” aimed squarely at people like you.  Unlike other Picademys this will not focus on programming, but instead will cover all the vital elements you need to know in order to safely and successfully run your own near-space project.

The course will be run over 2.5 days:

  1. Overview of high altitude ballooning, with practical sessions (e.g. building your payload, setting up the balloon tracker and ground receiver, running flight predictions)
  2. Launch day (1 flight per 6 attendees)
  3. (half day) share photos and experiences from your flights
There is no single part of High altitude ballooning that is particularly complex, however it does cover a lot of separate activities and it’s vital that anyone launching a balloon has an understanding of them all.  Too many flights are lost or only found through luck, typically because the launchers concentrated on some aspects of the subject and did not think about others.  The primary aim of the course is to make sure that you have a good basic understanding of everything that you need to make sure your flight has the best chance of success.

So, if you want to inspire your kids to be engineers or scientists, or just open their eyes to how, with a small budget and a lot of duct tape, they can send their own payload up into the stratosphere, then apply here, and read more on the Raspberry Pi blog.

Applications for #skycademy close on Friday 10th July so hurry up!



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  1. I am actually really upset that I missed this! I am totally willing to help make this like an e-class , if you might be interested.

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