Once the HABHUB server is disconnected next month, the map will stop working and you won’t be able to upload RTTY telemetry to HABHUB. However, you can if you wish continue to use dl-fldigi or fldigi to decode the RTTY, and have HAB Base show a map with your tracker on it. Additionally, HAB Base can forward the decoded telemetry to the sondehub/amateur system. You can then view your payload on the Sondehub amateur map.


Use the latest release from github. V1.6.6 is when the new functionality was added.

Set Up Source

Add a new source, setting the type of source to “TCP (DL-FLDigi).

Set the code and name to whatever you like.

Set the Host to be the hostname or IP address of dl-fldigi / fldigi; typically this will be “localhost” for the same machine that is running HAB Base.

Set the port to 7322.

If you want to upload to Sondehub, check the “Upload to Server(s)” box. Also, make sure that Sondehub uploads are enabled in the System Settings dialog:


If dl-fldigi/fldigi is not running, then start it. It doesn’t matter if you start it before or after HAB Base.

If all is well then the source window will show a green background:

Once telemetry has been successfully received then this will turn lime green:

You can see the telemetry in the history tab:

And, as with other sources, you will have a payload window for each received payload:

and it should appear on the map, with a prediction if sent by the tracker:

Sondehub/amateur uploads

If this is working correctly then you will have a lime green status button for Sondehub:

That is now a clickable button, showing a log window:

Sondehub Map

You can open the Sondehub map from the Payload / Settings tab:

Click the link to open the map in your default browser:

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  1. Hi Dave,
    I have problems with the connection to fldigi. The TCP connection is OK (green, message localhost is connected) but my telemetry was not submitted. Is there something special to config in fldigi? Telemetrie in fldigi is correct (UKHAS rtty string

    Jens dm4jh

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