As I hope you are already aware, the venerable HABHUB system is to be decommissioned soon. This was planned to be done by now, but has been postponed to the end of 2022. This won’t be postponed again, so in 2023 there will be no more HABHUB.

There’s a replacement, namely sondehub/amateur. It provides much the same functionality but it is completely new code. Programs that interfaced with habhub need to be changed or replaced with new programs that interface with Sondehub.

I’ve written several programs that take balloon telemetry (typically LoRa) and upload to HABHUB, and which I have modified to upload to sondehub/amateur. These are HAB LoRa Gateway. HAB Base, HAB Explora and HAB PADD. These all currently support HABHUB also but that will change in the new year. Additionally, most of them support uploading telemetry to an MQTT broker meaning that you can be independent of Sondehub if you wish.

You may have notice support in these programs for something called “HABLink”. That is my own server which I have recently reworked to be based on an MQTT broker. New versions of my apps can upload telemetry/chase positions to (and in some cases download from) the MQTT broker, providing further online redundancy for your balloon flights.

Server Comparison

End of LifeEnd of 2022
Run ByUputronicsProject HorusMeYou
Upload MechanismhttphttpsMQTTMQTT
Download MechanismhttpMQTTMQTTMQTT
Payload Doc RequiredYesNoNoNo
Chase Cars SupportedYesYesYesYes
Receiver Data e.g. SNR SupportedNoYesYesNo
Upload Format (telemetry)UKHASJSON containing fields and values. UKHAS optional as “raw” fieldUKHASUKHAS
Upload Format (Chase)FieldsJSON containing fields and values.CSVCSV

HAB App Comparison

HAB ExploraHAB PADDHAB BasePi LoRa Gateway
Primary FunctionMobile TrackingMobile TrackingBase Station ManagementEmbedded Receiver
Target HardwareAndroid PhoneAndroid TabletWindows PCRaspberry Pi
Landing Prediction on mapPayload OnlyPayload OnlyPayload or online Tawhiri predictorNo
Uplink to HABYesYesYesYes
Direct Sources
LoRa USBYesYesYesNo
LoRa BluetoothYesYesYesNo
LAN Sources
LoRa GatewayNoYesYesNo
TCP/IP (fldigi)NoNoYesNo
UDP (HABDEC, other HAB apps)YesYesYesNo
Online Sources
HABHUB (for now)Yes (whitelist)Yes (whitelist)Yes (whitelist, area)No
Sondehub/amateurYes (whitelist)Yes (whitelist)Yes (whitelist, area)No
hab.linkYes (whitelist)Yes (whitelist)Yes (whitelist, area)No
MQTTNoNoYes (whitelist, area)No
LAN Ports
TCP/IP (control, monitoring, emit telemetry)NoNoNoYes
UDP (emits telemetry)YesYesYesYes
Upload To
HABHUB (for now)Telemetry and chase positionTelemetry and chase positionTelemetry and listener positionTelemetry and listener position
sondehub/amateurTelemetry and chase positionTelemetry and chase positionTelemetry and listener positionTelemetry and listener position
hab.linkNoTelemetry and chase positionTelemetry and listener positionTelemetry and listener position
MQTTNoTelemetry and chase positionTelemetry and listener positionTelemetry

3 Replies to “HAB App Updates for sondehub/amateur”

  1. Hello:
    Some time ago I purchased a LoRaGo OTG Transceiver Dongle from your store (uputronics). I have a LoRa tracker that I built myself that worked perfectly with the old App “Hab Explora” and “Hab Padd” on the HabHub Web. I want to use the new Sondehub Amateur Website to track my balloon but I don’t know where to download the 2 new Apps updated to work with Sondehub Amateur. I also have a Rapsberry Pi based receiver with your LoRa expansion Board installed and I would need to update the software that Dave Akerman created (I don’t know if he has updated it).
    Please, can you help me?… Thank you very much…….. The download App links doesnt work….

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