Next Launch – TARDIS

Rotating Tardis

If you want to watch the live action during my next launch, this is what you need.

The flight will be the fourth outing for my Raspberry Pi tracker. As usual it will be sending down GPS telemetry plus live images. New for this launch it will also:

  • Send a live video stream from the launch site, over 3G
  • Send telemetry over 3G from the launch site
  • With luck, the above will work again when 3G reconnects on landing
  • Upload all images to a web server after landing
  • Include extra telemetry (temperatures and pressure)

The payload box is a replica TARDIS from BBC TV’s Doctor Who series. Made from extruded polystyrene with printed sides and painted roof and base, it even has a flashing roof light :-).

There will be 2 live video streams. One will be from the payload itself, using an external webcam aimed back at the TARDIS. This one will be live from the launch site and the first moments of the flight, after which it will be automatically switched off so the webcam can be used for the live image download over the radio link. This stream has the altitude overlaid. The second video stream will be from a laptop at the launch site, and will switch to a windscreen-mounted webcam for the chase.

If you want to follow the action, you need the following web links:

Launch time should be approx midday on Wednesday 27th Feb, but for updates it’s best to follow my Twitter feed.

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