If your organisation wants to have its own near-space flight – perhaps to get video of your company name, logo or product high above the planet and with the blackness¬† of space as a backdrop, then we can help by running your flight for you.¬† This includes …

  • Building a payload and mounting a logo or whatever (with some limits on weight and size)
  • Adding multiple video / stills cameras with views of the logo or unobstructed views of space and the planet
  • Advising on the best launch date depending on weather and flight predictions
  • Obtaining CAA permission for the flight
  • Launching the payload
  • Tracking the position of the payload throughout the flight
  • Recovery of the payload and of course video recordings

Our speciality is in the more advanced aspects of high altitude flights; we program our own trackers (used by others launching their balloons) so we are in a prime position to provide extra features, such as …

  • Live transmission of images during flight
  • Uplinks to the flight (e.g. commanded release of sub payloads to descend by parachute)
  • Live web dashboard for the launch (e.g. streaming video from the launch site) and flight (live images, telemetry, mapping).
  • plus new abilities are always being added.

If this is of interest, please get in touch for an initial discussion and custom quote to your requirements – dave@daveakerman.com

And click this link to see some of our previous projects.

3 Replies to “Commercial Flights”

  1. Dear Mr. Akerman,
    I am an artist from Austria and I was really impressed with your teddybear-flight, the Ted Bull Stratos. In my art I work with a white plush rabbit, reminding me of the little plush pet I had when I was a child.
    I wonder if we could book a flight for the rabbit with you, it would be great to include it in my art show which will be in April 2015 in Bregenz (small town at the Lake of Constance in Austria).
    Looking foreward to your answer and warm regards
    Edith Hofer + Rabbit

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