Congratulations! You managed to find our payload before we did, and you scanned the QR code as intended!

The box you are holding has been to the stratosphere, way high than any jet plane, probably to around 35km altitude. It got there by being lifted by a weather balloon, and may well have taken photographs like this one:

Pi in the Sky: hardware for high-altitude balloonists from Dave Akerman -  Raspberry Pi

The payload, parachute and what’s left of the balloon are completely harmless.

Right now we are on our way to retrieve all of this equipment, so if you intend to steal it then you’d better disable all of the trackers and quickly make your escape. Make sure though that you cover your face as any cameras in the payload are photographing you right now, and are sending those images to us!

However, of course, we’d much prefer that you give us a call on the number written on the box:

0785 586 430

We will be pleased to collect our equipment from you, either where it landed or some other location convenient to you. Oh, and …

Rewards Offered