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  1. Hello Dave,
    I was reading your article about the PIE1 project and am amazed. This is an incredible project and I have a few questions about the project.

    1. You said that the descent of the Pi could be dangerous. Is this a risk I should be aware of when doing my own project?
    2. Is there a way to remotely deploy the parachute preparation for landing or do we have to let fate decide?
    3. Will there be any other launches of a Pi into near space?

    Iain Rosen

  2. 1 – It’s not dangerous. I said that the initial descent is violent, as can be the landing, so anything in the payload has to be able to withstand being thrown around.

    2 – The parachute opens automatically, about 5 seconds after the balloon bursts, as the air rushes past. This is because it’s already “deployed” inline between the balloon and payload. This is by far the best way to do it – anything else adds risk that it won’t open.

    3 – I’ll be doing a few later this year.

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