Weather permitting I’lll be doing 2 flights for St Alban’s Catholic School. Members of their Code Club will help with the launch and recovery, whilst others will man Mission Control at the school.

The first flight is a “floater”, expected launch time 11am, which is intended to fly west over Ireland. This will carry 2 trackers ALBANFLOAT and ATLANTIC, the former with live image downloads.

The second flight is a normal up-burst-down flight, expected launch timemidday, with 2 trackers ALBANVOYAGER and ALBANDATA, the first with live images and the second with a number of environmental sensors.

Go to the live map to watch the flights, and see the links for the images from the flights and video stream from the launch site and chase car.

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  1. Hi there

    I need some advice. I work in a primary school and we want to send our Pi up about 50 metes to do time lapse photography of the school from above. Everything is set to go with a payload of 300g and a balloon at 200g.
    The only thing I’m struggling with is how much helium I need to purchase in order to lift this payload to 50m.
    Some help would be awesome.


  2. Roughly, 1 cubic metre of gas will give you 1kg of lift, which minus the balloon and payload leaves 500g of lift, which should be plenty. Do it on a fairly calm day otherwise the wind will take over.

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