I’m hoping to send a flight across the Irish Sea to land in Northern Ireland. Launch time approx 10am this coming Thursday.

The wind conditions are unusual with the lower winds southerly and the upper winds easterly.  I will be aiming the balloon over towards Northern Ireland where Philip Heron will be waiting to chase it.  The flight profile is tricky with about 1.2m/s ascent rate. It may or may not achieve a float before the balloon is cut away at a longitude of -6.5.

Here’s the current prediction:

Flight Details

TitleN.I. DROP
DescriptionSlow ascent / float Ross to Northern Ireland
LocationRoss On Wye
Target Launch Time10am, 6th June 2019
Launch Window9am -noon, 6th/7th June
PayloadAVR tracker, AA, with Talon cutdown from PP3
Flight Profile1.3ms/s ascent, 40km float, -6.5 longitude cutdown, 5m/s landing
Flight PathNorth through England then west across Irish Sea
NotesCutdown status: 0=OFF, 1=Enabled, 3=Triggered
Payload Weight120g
Parachute18” spherachute, 24g
Balloon1600g Hwoyee
Neck LiftTotal weight + 50g

Tracker Details

Payload IDFrequencySettings
DROP434.450MHzLoRa Mode 1

433.60MHzLoRa Calling Mode
DROP434.400MHzRTTY 300 baud 8 N 2 488Hz

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