This is planned for Saturday morning, when Steve Randall and I are are launching a single balloon, probably around 8am but ISH applies.  If you can’t manage to get up that early don’t worry it could be a fairly long flight at around 3.5 hours.

There are 3 trackers planned:

  • Pi tracker payload ID “Xpi” with SSDV and “XX” Landing spot prediction, LoRa mode 1 on 434.170MHz
  • AVR tracker payload IDs “UBX” and “L80” (sends one, then a gap, then the other), both LoRa Mode 1 on 434.450MHz, plus calling mode (433.650MHz Mode 5)
  • Pi tracker payload ID “PTE” with and SSDV, with landing prediction included in the sentence, LoRa Mode 1 on 434.325MHz

We will live stream the launch on YouTube:

There may be other live streams too including from a drone.


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