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Next Launch

This is planned for Saturday morning, when Steve Randall and I are are launching a single balloon, probably around 8am but ISH applies.  If you can’t manage to get up that early don’t worry it could be a fairly long flight at around 3.5 hours. There are 3 trackers planned: Pi tracker payload ID “Xpi” […]

And Return It Safely To Earth …

Those of, cough, my generation, will remember watching with awe as a President’s clear and concise statement of intent was brought to fruition, played out on our monochrome TV sets as grainy, ghostly images accompanied by words that will last for as long as mankind. And thus were inspired a generation of astronauts, scientist, engineers […]

Apollo 11 HAB Flight

This flight is planned for Tuesday 16th July and will commemorate the launch of Apollo 11 on this day in 1969, 50 years ago. I want to make it special, so the flight will have a few new things all designed to try and recapture the technology of the ’60s. Payload The primary payload is […]

GoPro SSDV Flight

Sometime last year I came across a Python library for controlling a GoPro camera, and was interested because this provides a means for a Raspberry Pi to capture photographs from a GoPro during a HAB flight, and then send those images to the ground via SSDV. I happened to have some GoPro cameras one of […]

Pi In The Sky + GoPro

Although the Pi camera is a very good option for live imaging from a Raspberry Pi tracker, it does have its limitations -mainly due to its plastic lens which is a moderate wide angle and not as sharp as some.  There are alternative lenses to try and some are very good, but they can mist […]

Mirrorless Camera Flight

I’ve flown a few different types of camera on my HAB flights, starting with Canon compact cameras in my early flights, and Raspberry Pi cameras in many of my more recent flights. GoPro and other “action” cameras are popular, and I’ve flown them a few times, though their rather extreme lens distortion does encourage comments […]

Mission Possible

As balloonists we have a number of general-purpose tools to track a flight, of which the main ones are the live map and live imagery page. Sometimes though it’s nice to have a custom dashboard showing these items, the telemetry and anything else of interest. A small number of flights have had these dashboards, including […]

Next Flight

I’m hoping to send a flight across the Irish Sea to land in Northern Ireland. Launch time approx 10am this coming Thursday. The wind conditions are unusual with the lower winds southerly and the upper winds easterly.  I will be aiming the balloon over towards Northern Ireland where Philip Heron will be waiting to chase […]

Introduction To High Altitude Ballooning

It’s that time of year again where a young man or woman’s fancies turn to … launching a big lump of latex skyward, and I start to get emails asking for advice, which you get get by reading my article “High Altitude Ballooning, From The Ground Up (and back again)”.

LoRa Repeater

Sometimes it’s handy to have a repeater to extend the range of a radio transmission. The particular usage I have in mind is to be able to receive telemetry from a landed payload that is too far away (or hidden by buildings or geography) to receive directly, but could possibly be received via a repeater […]

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