I sometimes receive emails asking which HAB tracker is best to buy, so here I will compare the ones I have direct knowledge of.  First though, if you have or want to have the ability to build and code your own tracker, do that instead!  It’s much more educational to walk that path, rather than take the easy option of buying a ready-made tracker.  It’s also far more rewarding.  Or if you prefer, you could build your own tracker but use existing software, or buy a pre-built tracker and write your own software.

If you want to DIY the electronics and/or software, and if you can you should, then check out these resources:

Now for the comparison, including the PITS (Pi In The Sky) board, PITS Zero and HABDuino:

PITS (Full Size)PITS ZeroHABDuino
Transmits RTTYYesYesOptional
Transmits LoRaOptional (choose from 434, 868 and 915MHz add-on cards)Yes (choose from 434, 868 and 915MHz modules)No
Transmits APRSOptional (choose from 144.390MHz (USA), 144.800MHz (Europe) and 145.175MHz (Australia))NoOptional (choose from 144.390MHz (USA), 144.800MHz (Europe) and 145.175MHz (Australia))
Transmits Live ImagesYes, over RTTY or LoRaYes, over RTTY or LoRaNo
Soldered connections for external DS18B20YesNoNo
Soldered connections for external BMP085/BMP180/BME280YesNoNo
Supports Pi Sense HatYesNoNo
Software Predicts Landing Position During DescentYesYesNo

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  1. Hi Dave
    Is there any reason why this technology wouldn’t work to track a buoy (or buoys) at sea, from a boat.

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