Apollo 11 HAB Flight

This flight is planned for Tuesday 16th July and will commemorate the launch of Apollo 11 on this day in 1969, 50 years ago. I want to make it special, so the flight will have a few new things all designed to try and recapture the technology of the ’60s.


The primary payload is a Revell Apollo 11 kit, assembled in the configuration flown from the Earth to the Moon. For more details see my blog post on the build.

Mission Control

Mission Control was a central part of every NASA spaceflight, and everyone has seen the Apollo-era mission control room with its flickering monitors and flashing lights. I built an emulation of such a console as a web page back in my Telnet Flight a couple of years ago, so I decided to start with that and build a new web app for my Apollo flight. You can read about how this works in this blog post about the system.

The web app online here, and currently features:

  • YouTube streaming (from launch)
  • SSDV images from the primary tracker
  • Google map (not SNUS) with balloon, chase car and on-board landing prediction
  • 3D visualisation of the view from the payload
  • Raw data screen


The current plan is for flight to carry 3 trackers:

  • Pi tracker with wide-angle camera sending telemetry and monochrome (of course!) SSDV (869MHz band).
  • Pi tracker telemetry only (434MHz band LoRa)
  • AVR tracker (434MHz band LoRa

Payload IDs and frequencies etc will be updated here when decided.


The launch will be streamed over YouTube, viewable within the dashboard.


I hope to have a lot of receivers for this flight. Now, because the dashboard works from a custom web server and not Habhub, you will need an up-to-date LoRa gateway to provide data for the dashboard. You will need V1.8.30 issued on 26th June, or later, and you need to add this line to gateway.txt:


With that done, telemetry will up uploaded to the hab.link server, as well as Habitat if you have that enabled. SSDV is not affected and is sent to Habitat only.

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  1. Bill says:


    This look absolutely brilliant, well done.
    Our library os celebrating Space Exploration at the moment so I will pass this on.

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